2017 Hyundai Veloster

2017-hyundai-veloster-turbo-sideIn the hunt for a funky and fun inexpensive sporty compact car? Then take a serious look at the new Hyundai Veloster with the friendly folks at Fenton Hyundai in Mesquite, Texas.

You’ll notice it resembles a low slung sporty coupe, but a two door it isn’t because of a hidden third door on the right side of the Veloster.  That ingenious touch allows much easier entry for your rear passengers.  This Veloster is impressive in its wide and assertive stance in a sporty way and also impressed is the trustworthy organization Consumer Reports.  In its recent issue evaluating the new cars of 2017, they gave the Hyundai Veloster one of their cherished “Check Marks” for a Recommended Vehicle and that is not easy to come by.  In fact the Veloster was the only one in its category to receive this recognition with high scores in handling, comfort and controls.  But, don’t take their word for it and do your own due diligence with a test drive.

You and yours will quickly discover that the Veloster looks as good as it drives and is so unique in other ways.  Besides the third door, you will appreciate the upward rising rear door that reveals an abundance of usable cargo space.  What is new for 2017 is the adding of the Value Edition to the lineup.  This choice includes a panoramic sunroof that really opens up the cabin, navigation, dual-clutch automatic transmission, automatic climate control, 18-inch alloy wheels and a premium audio system that will “rock you”.

When you slide into those comfy sturdy seats for that important test drive you’ll appreciate a versatile and innovative interior that is outfitted with the highly rated Hyundai technology that relates to your entertainment and communication; all controls are easy to reach, see and understand.  Veloster models feature a bright 7-inch touchscreen display.  Rear cargo space is another plus as there is nearly 16 cubic feet behind the rear seat and more than double with the seat folded down.

What may be under the hood powering you down the road on the test drive could be the standard and perky 1.6-liter four with 132 horsepower.  If you want more zip in your trips and something to back up the Veloster’s sporty looks, then test drive the Turbo.  This popular aggressive twin-scroll turbocharged four punches out over 200 lively horses with the enthusiastic quickness of 195 lb-ft of asphalt gripping torque.  That will get you to 60 mph in about seven seconds.  The standard engine comes with a 6-speed stick or an optional 6-speed dual-clutch automatic.  The turbo has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Everything just comes together with the new Hyundai Velostar with its stylish sporty appearance, fuel economy, comfort, space and value.   If you want “different”, this compact from Hyundai fits the bill.  The design and practicality is nothing like anything else on the road.  So, go ahead and put that important “fun factor” back into your drive times with a short trip to Fenton Hyundai. Seriously, you won’t have a dull moment behind the Velostar’s sporty wheel.

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