2014 Hyundai IDEA Festival reveals weird yet functional concepts

Most concept cars are just for concept’s sake; they carry the manufacturer’s top tech along with a unique body styling but some do not get approved for future production. The silver lining a concept car can hope for is that the technology it has will be used for other cars in the future.

Hyundai’s annual R&D IDEA Festival held last October 7, 2014 at their Namyang Technology Research Center in Korea features such concepts but they’re bordering on the weird and bizarre spectrum in our opinion.

Already on its 5th year, the internal competition is aimed for creating new ideas that can cater to customers’ needs in the future. Now carrying the theme of ‘Making A Better Future’, engineers from Hyundai Motors are split into 10 teams and are given 4 months in creating and developing concepts that can range from wearable devices to new forms of mobility. The winning concepts will be featured in motor shows around the world and will also be shown in other Hyundai internal events.

Here are 4 of the winning concepts that made the cut.

1.) Length and Width – Pictured above, it is a car that can adjust its length and width accordingly so it can navigate through narrow areas.

Hyundai 2

2.) Golden Time Rescue – A team’s approach in creating an all-terrain vehicle focused on providing medical assistance or performing rescue missions. Its tire structure can be altered in different ways for easy maneuvering.

Hyundai 3

3.) Hyundai Car-Meleon – It’s a sedan, a RV and a truck though not all at the same time. It is a cost-efficient vehicle that can transform into any of the 3 mentioned body style, depending on the needs of a customer.

Hyundai 4

4.) Carry U – A scooter that can also act as a luggage carrier. Need we say more?

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